SDCC: 'Star Wars' Arrives at Comic-Con

SDCC: ‘Star Wars’ Arrives at Comic-Con

There comes a point at every Comic-Con where the faithful can gather en mass to celebrate and salivate over all things Star Wars. During this year’s Lucasfilm panel, IGN reports that fans were treated to hints for Star Wars: The Clone Wars, a Star Wars In Concert preview, The Star Wars Stories Project (featuring Comic-Con fans giving YouTube like confessions about their favorite Stars Wars memories), a LucasArts videogames preview (with Star Wars: The Old Republic and Star Wars: The Force Unleashed DLC wowing the crowd), and information on the upcoming first season DVD and Blu-ray release of Star Wars: The Clone Wars. The only thing missing from the panel was information about the live action television show.

Supervising Director Dave Filoni was on hand to promote Star Wars: The Clone Wars, stating that the new season would be dark like Empire Strikes Back. He described the second season as “adult”, “serious”, “mature” and “scarier”. Apparently, The Clone Wars isn’t just for children anymore.

The second season will also feature more bounty hunters. Cad Bane will return to do the dirty work for Palpatine, and fan favorites Bossk, Aurra Sing and some guy named Boba Fett will be featured as well. Audiences were treated to a glimpse of a troubled young Boba Fett wearing a poncho and his iconic helmet determined to take down Obi-Wan and any other Jedi that got in his way.

The majority of the voice cast were also present to do a five-minute table read which depicted a few scenes that were meant to bridge seasons one and two. Scenes featured a frustrated Anakin having to be talked down by Obi-Wan and Amidala. Obi-Wan was tasked to follow Cad Bane, while Anakin and Ahsoka were sent on a project of their own on planet Felucia. There wasn’t much to it, but the adlib about how oblivious everybody must be to not see that Anakin and Amidala are hooking up entertained the crowd and gave everyone a chance to put a voice with a face.

It was also revealed that Obi-Wan Kenobi will be given a love interest (finally!). Referred to by Anakin as Obi-Wan’s “girlfriend”, this new character was described as being a regal Elizabethan Queen. Sounds perfect for Old Ben. Additional revelations include Palpatine applying pressure to the Jedi to capture Count Dooku and hiring bounty hunters to steal a Jedi Holocron. The war between the Republic and the Separatists is escalating and the season promises Jedi deaths and “loss of limbs.”

Additional coverage of the Star Wars: The Clone Wars panel can be found here. The second season premiers later this fall.