Interview: Zack Snyder on 'Watchmen' and the '300' Sequel

Interview: Zack Snyder on ‘Watchmen’ and the ‘300’ Sequel

zac-snyder-watchmenNot many directors will go down in history being considered a faithful comic book film adaptor, and not many even want the title. Zack Snyder not only earns that moniker, but makes it his own. With his first major adaptation being Frank Miller’s 300 back in 2006, he was immediately up for the idea of taking on another project, one that many called “Unfilmable”.

Last year, he took on Alan Moore’s Watchmen, which was, as the trailer stated, the most celebrated graphic novel in history. Last week, his director’s cut of the film, which had an extra half hour of footage, hit DVD stores, and select theaters, across the country.

We were able to speak with the “legendary visionary” himself at Comic-Con in San Diego. In the interview, Snyder discussed what had to get cut from the original film and why, where the franchise could go from here, and what he and Frank Miller have planned for a sequel to 2006’s 300.

Check out the full video after the jump. Watchmen: The Director’s Cut is now in stores everywhere.