First Image of the 'New Moon' Volturi

First Image of the ‘New Moon’ Volturi

New-Moon-Poster-twilight-series-6349263-1728-2560Since last week’s Comic-Con in San Diego, many of the millions of Twilight fans have been anxious to get a glimpse at what the members of the New Moon panel got to see in the legendary Hall H. Most of that footage probably won’t be leaked online for some time, but one thing we do get is an image of the illustrious vampire clan, the Volturi, from the new film.

The Volturi, according to Twlight lore, is one of the oldest vampire clans, operating from the city of Volterra, Italy, eating people and hunting werewolves whenever they choose. In New Moon, Edward rushes to the clan for a solution, which is when we get the first appearance of the dark group. Don’t expect to see much of them, as the Volturi have a more prominent role in Breaking Dawn, the fourth book in the series. Check out the image in full after the jump.

In the image, we get a glimpse at the five actors in costume, with the official Volturi seal. Pictured from left to right: Michael Sheen as Aro, Christopher Heyerdahl as Marcus, Jamie Campbell Bower as Caius, Dakota Fanning as Jane (which is bizarre but accurate casting) and Cameron Bright as Alec.