Mastodon The Flickcast: Comic-Con Wrap Up Special!

The Flickcast: Comic-Con Wrap Up Special!

san-diego-comic-con111Chris and Matt have been back from Comic-Con for a few days now and have had time for a little reflection about the Con, its highlights, lowlights and what it all means. Joined by special guest Elisabeth Rappe, the three try to explain the magic of the Con, its shortcomings, what they loved and hated about it and why you never, ever, piss off Gary Oldman.

The three also make their picks of favorite moments from the Con and talk about what the Con can do better to make it more enjoyable for attendees and exhibitors alike. Its a no-holds barred hour of discussion that leaves no topic unturned. If you missed the Con or even if you did attend and just want to make more sense of it, you don’t want to miss this.

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