Bootleg 'Kick-Ass' Trailer Now Online

Bootleg ‘Kick-Ass’ Trailer Now Online

kick-ass-1I don’t always like to post bootleg copies of trailers and other things of “dubious” origin here at the site. However, this one is just too cool to pass up and has already popped up at other sites so there’s no use it holding back now. So, in that spirit, here’s the trailer — via Trailer Addict —  they showed at Comic-Con in San Diego for Matthew Vaughn’s adaptation of Kick-Ass, the comic written by Mark Millar and drawn by John Romita, Jr.

In case you’re not familiar with the comic or the movie, it follows the adventures of young Dave Lizewski, a regular New York City high school student, who takes his interest in comic books as inspiration to become a real-life superhero. When his exploits are recorded by an onlooker with a cell phone and posted to the Internets, he becomes a sensation and is given the moniker Kick-Ass.

Along the way, he fights injustices found through his MySpace page and eventually team up with other like-minded wanna-be heroes including Hit Girl, Big Daddy and The Red Mist, to take down a local drug kingpin. The film, which is currently seeking distribution, stars Nicholas Cage, Christopher Mintz-Plasse, Chloe Moretz and Aaron Johnson.

Check out all the bloody fun after the jump. But you better hurry, seeing as this is a bootleg, it might not last long on the Internets.