...And Now a Word From Megan Fox

…And Now a Word From Megan Fox

Jennifers_body_2Break.com recently posted a heartfelt PSA from Megan Fox, who encouraged high school kids everywhere to stand up against peer pressure and not be afraid of being different. “What really matters,” Fox explains, “is being yourself, and if that includes slowly killing, then eating every boy in your school, then I say do it.”


It turns out the PSA is actually promoting the black comedy/horror flick, Jennifer’s Body, Diablo Cody’s follow-up to Juno. Fox plays Jennifer Check, a sexy, popular cheerleader that every girl wants to befriend and every boy wants to date. Jennifer’s interest in boys changes significantly after a satanic ritual goes horribly wrong, leaving Jennifer possessed by a demon who feeds off the boys at her high school.

Jennifer’s Body also stars Amanda Seyfried, Johnny Simmons and Adam Brody and will be devouring audiences on September 18.

Catch Fox’s special PSA after the jump. Strong language is used, so viewers beware.

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