The Flickcast Contest: Name That Title!

The Flickcast Contest: Name That Title!

contest1As we mentioned in Episode 20 of The Flickcast (which went live earlier today) we are conducting our very first online contest for some pretty sweet prizes. Those who listen to the show know that each episode has a familiar title.

Those titles are originally from subtitles of movies, with a few popular quotes from movies thrown in. All you have to do is identify as many titles and quotes as possible, and you can walk away with a pretty sweet prize package.

Click through to find out how you can win!

Here’s all you have to do:

• Go over to iTunes or here on the site to see a list of the episodes.

• Write up as many of the movies we reference in our titles.

• Don’t forget to leave some feedback in iTunes. Be Gentle.

• Either DM us all of them on Twitter (@TheFlickcast) or shoot us an email at

That’s it! Whoever gets the most answers correct wins this kick-ass prize package! What’s in the package? Take a look:


You’ll be shooting for a full set (all 3) of posters from the new Joss Whedon horror film Cabin in the Woods PLUS a brand new copy of Prototype for the Xbox 360 or Playstation 3 (your choice once you’ve won.) It’s that simple, now go forth and Name That Title!!