First Pic of Brian Austin Green as Metallo on 'Smallville'

First Pic of Brian Austin Green as Metallo on ‘Smallville’

After playing a robotic assassin hunter in Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles last spring, it appears that Brian Austin Green has an affinity for cyborgs. TV Guide has revealed — and we reported back in June — that the 90210 star is returning to the small screen for a two-episode arc on Smallville. And now, there’s a picture too.

In case you don’t recall or don’t want to click the link, Green plays John Corben, a new Daily Planet reporter who becomes the comic-book villain Metallo. In the aftermath of an accident, Corben is mysteriously outfitted with a heart made of kryptonite.

Executive producer Kelly Souders won’t reveal the identity of who is responsible for the Frankenstein-esque transformation, but says Corben is turned into “a rough version of Metallo, a first attempt at the technology, and eventually he’ll get sleeker.” The future of Green’s character is unknown and he might make a return visit to the show.

“It’s Smallville,” she says with a laugh. “We’re actually throwing some ideas around right now in the hopes that we might be able to bring him back for another episode.”

The 9th season premiere of Smallville airs on the CW September 25.