'Guild Wars 2' Trailer Revealed

‘Guild Wars 2’ Trailer Revealed

gw2We’re sure most have you have noticed that The Flickcast has done more and more coverage as of late on PC MMOs like the trailer for World of Warcraft‘s Cataclysm expansion and our in depth interviews and coverage of DC Universe Online . Well a new MMO has popped up seemingly out of nowhere and put itself dead center in our radar. That game is Guild Wars 2.

The original Guild Wars came out in 2005 and has sold over six million units since its release. The most unique aspect of Guild Wars was its non-subscription based model. Most MMOs charge a fee, usually around $10 a month, to play. Guild Wars bucked that trend with no fee at all, instead relying on players purchasing expansions to keep funding for the game’s ArenaNet servers going. Instead of keeping massive zones constantly running, the game focused on “instanced” play where areas would only exist once a player launched in to them with their group. The other advantage of Guild Wars came from the low technology requirements to run it on PC’s, allowing a lower level of entry for new players.

The trailer released for the upcoming sequel, Guild Wars 2, just blew us away in what might be one of the best MMO trailers of recent memory. The combination of animatic style artwork combined with the real gameplay footage is simply amazing. Unlike Star Wars: The Old Republic which was entirely CGI with its announcement trailer, Guild Wars 2 shows off just what the world looks like in engine with full effects.

Just take a peek after the jump and you’ll be as sold as we are on it.