Is Tony Stark Dead?

Is Tony Stark Dead?

InvincibleIronMan_20_ZircherCover-smallLike some other Marvel characters recently (and characters from across the aisle), is Tony Stark dead? Judging from the cover of Marvel’s upcoming comic Invincible Iron Man #20, it kinda looks that way. Although, he could just be sleeping. . . or passed out drunk, so who knows.

Still, Thor looks positively grief stricken and forlorn, so you never know. Sure, the God of Thunder can be a bit morose and angry at times, but he’s not exactly known for his sensitive side, so the fact that he’s in attendance at Tony Stark’s bedside means that some serious stuff might be happening. I’m sure I’m probably reading a lot into this brand new Patrick Zircher cover but still, its fun to try and guess the storyline given only this clue.

Good news or bad, we’ll find out soon enough when this comic, written by Matt Fraction with art by Salvador Larroca, hits store shelves in November. Until then, let the guessing games continue.

Be sure to click through for a must bigger look at this great cover after the break.


  • Daggdag
    May 8, 2010 at 8:26 am

    I looks to me like both Thor and Stark were just in a battle. He is probably dead. Or at least seriously hurt. Maybe something Thor did in battle ended up getting Stark injured and thats Why Thor looks so depressed.