Fan Film Friday: '8-Bit Trip'

Fan Film Friday: ‘8-Bit Trip’

Every week, we at the Flickcast try to bring you a new web video in the that relates to the geek culture we all know and love. This week’s video, 8-Bit Trip, came from a true labor of love, or possible insanity. To animate classic video game moments and characters, the skilled filmmakers spent 1500 hours doing the most “stop motion” capture around.

Instead of being able to move just a single piece per frame, they had to deconstruct and reconstruct models to produce this 3:49 piece of Lego insanity. To give you some frame of reference, that comes out to 62.5 days working non-stop or 37.5 standard forty hour work weeks to complete this project.

Hats off to these incredibly talented, and somewhat insane, filmmakers for their work on this project. One can only wonder just how many thousands of Legos went in to the production of it.