New 'Blur' Racing Game Video

New ‘Blur’ Racing Game Video

blur-racing-2Sometimes, in the quest to build awareness of a new, upcoming video game, we end up getting some boring old advertising that gives you the important parts and information but doesn’t present them in a new and interesting way. Fortunately, with this latest video from our friends at Activision and Bizarre Creations about the upcoming racing game Blur, we don’t have this problem.

In this video, giving you the vital information is done in a very humorous and interesting way. We’re treated to funny vignettes and scenes of sheer lunacy in oder to inform, entertain and generally get the word out. Its great to see this much effort being put into a game’s marketing before it comes out. If the advertising and the campaign are this well done by people who obviously care about what they’re doing, imagine how great the game itself is going to be?

Even if I wasn’t that interested in the game before, which I wasn’t to be honest as I don’t play many racing games, I’m actually way more interested now because of this video. I’m really interested to see if the quality carries over to the game itself. I’ll bet it probably does.

Check out the video and see for yourself after the jump. Blur hits store shelves later this year.