Halloween 3D Greenlit?

377755_3We posted our review of Rob Zombie’s Halloween II here last week, amongst our full coverage of the film including an interview with Zombie himself. One subject that was sensitive for him was talking about a third film in the franchise. Zombie’s official statement was that he wasn’t making a third film, but it looks like Bob and Harvey Weinstein have a different plan.

Before word of how Halloween II even did in the box office over the weekend (coming in at #3 with only $17million, giving the top spot to Final Destination), the studio has already set a tentative release date of August 2010, and if that goes well, you can expect to see more done in the vain of the Saw films with a yearly release.

According to the LA Times, Rob Zombie will not be returning to the franchise for the aptly titled Halloween 3D. Zombie has already stated that his immediate plans revolve around his next album (hitting shelves in November) and currently drafting a script for a remake of the 50’s horror film The Blob.

The Weinstein Co. stated that they are currently in negotiations with a new director, and while they didn’t throw out a name, they stated that he has “experience in horror and has a different take on the franchise.” No word on what this could mean for the franchise or if this film will follow the story of Season of the Witch, the original third film in the Halloween franchise, but don’t expect much if you enjoyed Zombie’s take on the first two films.

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