'I Am T-Pain' Brings Auto-Tuning to the iPhone

‘I Am T-Pain’ Brings Auto-Tuning to the iPhone

tpain_screen_large_tuneYesterday we posted a new video showing off the Auto-Tune The News guys and the master of the auto-tune himself, T-Pain. In the video, there is cool button on an iPhone that kicks off the song, allowing everybody to have the melodic and rhythmic styling of Mr. Pain. We thought it was fiction, but it turns out that the app is not only real, but is as amazing as it sounds.

From Smule, the developers of the highly popular Ocarina app, comes “I Am T-Pain”, a fully functional auto tuner for the iPhone and iPod Touch. The app allows you to have perfect pitch and melody just like every other song you hear on top 20 radio today, by simply pushing a button!

You can choose to go A Capella and make your own music, or use some premixed instrumentals of popular auto-tuned songs like “Bartender”, “Kiss Kiss”, “I’m Sprung”, and “Dreamgirl”, all of which are free. For $0.99, you can buy a few other premium songs such as T-Pain’s hit “Buy U a Drank”, “Freeze” and more.

From there, you’re able to record these pieces, with the lyrics popping up karaoke-style, save them, and share with friends. There’s a range of things you can do to share, from uploading them to Facebook or MySpace, or simply emailing them to yourself or your friends. For only $2.99, the app is pretty impressive, and makes you sound like a pro R&B artist in a matter of seconds. Click here to grab it from the iTunes store, and check out a video of some well-known artists using the app below.

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