'Wolverine Vs. Thor #1' to Debut on Marvel Digital Comics

‘Wolverine Vs. Thor #1’ to Debut on Marvel Digital Comics

CoverWvTAnd you thought Marvel only put previously released or “second tier” comics online. Well, I wouldn’t call Wolverine or Thor second tier characters (especially not to their faces) and as for new comics, this one is brand new. To what new comic am I referring? How about a matchup between Wolverine and Thor in Wolverine Vs. Thor #1 which Marvel is dropping at Marvel Digital Comics in celebration of X-Men Origins: Wolverine coming to DVD on September 15th.

Here’s all the info from the official Marvel press release. Plus, as always, we’ve got a couple pages from the comic after the break. Be sure to check ’em out.

WOLVERINE VS. THOR #1 Debuts on Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited

It’s time for some serious heavy metal mayhem when the God of Thunder goes hammer-to-claw with Marvel’s most popular mutant exclusively on Marvel’s groundbreaking Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited In celebration of the blockbuster “X-Men Origins: Wolverine” coming to DVD on September 15!

Wolverine vs Thor #1, from veteran Wolverine scribe Frank Tieri and fan favorite artist Paco Diaz, begins a three part epic in which Logan confronts by an army of his greatest foes—all at the same time! How can Wolvie possibly survive? And will Thor join the fray as friend or foe?

Get FREE four-page preview here (Marvel Digital Comics Unlimited subscribers can read the full comic!): http://marvel.com/digitalcomics/titles/WOLVERINE_VS~dot~_THOR.2009.1

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