Chris Evans Talks 'Fantastic Four' Reboot

Chris Evans Talks ‘Fantastic Four’ Reboot

chris-evans-human-torchWith lots of new and wacky things going on over at Marvel right now, there was one somewhat bizarre decision that was actually made before Mickey Mouse got his paws in the door. That  decision was to reboot Fantastic Four a mere 4 years after the first film hit theaters.

The plan is for Fox to reboot the franchise with all new actors and probably a new origin story for theaters in 2013. What do the first set of actors have to say about their roles being wiped from continuity? Well, recently got a chance to talk to Chris Evans, the first Human Torch, and he didn’t seem very happy about the idea.

“I don’t think I’m going to be involved with it. I’d imagine the reboot, it would be a reboot. I think they’re going to start from scratch. And that’s the way those movies…it seems like sometimes they happen quicker than others, you know. BATMAN, there was a big chunk of time, but the new BATMAN movies are fantastic.

SUPERMAN, you know, THE INCREDIBLE HULK — sometimes there’s a big gap and sometimes there’s a small gap. If there’s room to reinvent a franchise in a different tone and they can make a good film out of it, then so be it. I have nothing negative to say about it.”

He was also asked if it would be weird to watch someone else play the role. “Well, of course. But that’s, you know, I’ve done plays and then I’ll go see someone else do the same play and be like, ‘I did it differently.’ Of course — let’s not confuse weird with bad or weird with negative.

Weird is in no way — in no way would I — I welcome the new franchise; I hope it’s fantastic. I like good movies. I’m sure Michael Keaton felt the same way. I’m sure Christopher Reeves felt the same way. If it’s a great movie, let’s make it, let’s get it out there. There aren’t enough of them.”

Though it makes sense that Evans won’t have anything to do with the reboot, it’s a shame. Between he and Michael Chiklis’ casting, the film had its great moments, (we won’t mention Jessica Alba). No word yet if the Disney/Marvel merger will have any effect on this title, but seeing as how the plan was put into effect before the merger, don’t expect to see something change.