Nintendo Wii to Drop Its Price?

Wii_main_0909-1158254665367-440_330After reporting to you that Sony had dropped the PS3 price a few weeks ago, it looks like the Nintendo Wii may be following suit. According to Kotaku, the Wii price drop will happen around the first week in October. Several retail listings, including a future Walmart ad, “loosely date, but not price” a new price for the Wii.

Nintendo’s official response to Kotaku? “Nintendo does not respond to rumors and speculation.” Nintendo had recently said they weren’t dropping the Wii’s price. “Right now,” Nintendo president Satoru Iwata said at a recent investor Q&A, “there aren’t a lot of discussions going on about what exactly to do about hardware pricing.”

The new PS3 Slim came with a new price tag, and Microsoft’s Xbox 360 has gone through several price drops, as well as more economical versions of the console. As the Wii enters its fourth holiday season having never dropped its price from $249 and the economy continues to suffer, a price drop would make sense at this point.

We’ll keep this in our rumor file for now. We’ll also report more to you as the holiday season grows closer with big Nintendo releases like Wii Fit Plus and New Super Mario Bros.

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