'Fringe' Returns This Week

‘Fringe’ Returns This Week

fringe-joshua-jackson-anna-torv-john-nobleEven though we’ve started a new feature here at The Flickcast highlighting our own Cortney Zamm’s favorite new or returning TV shows, I felt compelled to mention a show she didn’t include in yesterday’s edition. She picked some great ones for sure and shows that I intend to watch, I just feel this one also warrants attention. I’m talking, of course, about Fox’s Fringe which, if you’re not watching it, I have to ask you “Why not?”

Sure, on the surface, the show seems like a combination of X-Files and “name of cop show here” but its more than that. In addition to the compelling and intricate storyline, a great cast led by Anna Torv as FBI Special Agent/Blonde Brooding Problem Child Olivia Dunham and the amazing John Noble as Brilliant Scientist/Resident Whack Job Walter Bishop, well photographed visuals and lots of drama and tension, it also has something else going for it: humor.

Putting aside the show’s dark and often violent storyline, the show is often very funny — especially when Walter Bishop is in a scene. Noble is one of those actors that effortlessly inhabits a role and has become Walter Bishop week after week. He’s entertaining, smart and knows how to deliver a joke. Plus, he’s pretty much the smartest guy in the room and can really help solve all those inter-dimensional and alien hybrid issues that seem to keep popping up.

If you haven’t checked out Fringe yet, now’s your chance because it returns to Fox this Thursday at 9/8C. Until then, take a look at the Fringe season two promo after the jump to get you in the mood.