First Trailer for 'Paranormal Activity'

First Trailer for ‘Paranormal Activity’

paranormal-activity-movie-poster12Very rarely does the internet critic community throw around phrases like “scariest movie ever” or “looks amazing”, but those seem to be used a lot when talking about the newest film, Paranormal Activity. It’s said to have the same feel as The Blair Witch Project, just updated for today’s jaded audiences.

Much like Blair Witch, the cast and crew have done next to nothing else prior to this film. Writer/director Oren Peli has only worked on this film, which makes the general audience question whether this is a Hollywood film, or a real, documented haunting.

The story follows a typical suburban middle-class husband and wife who start to notice spooky things happening around their new house. They decide to document a few nights using a video camera, and the audience gets to watch as the haunting continues.

Check out the new trailer for the film after the jump, which opens up in select theaters September 25, and moving to different cities every week from there. For a complete schedule, check out their official website.

  • jaime
    October 5, 2009 at 8:34 pm

    Other podcast’s are saying this film is out & doing well for a film that was made for $14.000?.