Biel and Copley Join 'The A-Team'

Biel and Copley Join ‘The A-Team’

biel-copleyMention the word “reboot” or “remake” to anyone and you’ll probably face a dissatisfied sigh.  Hollywood’s movie recycling program in the last few years has left everyone with reboot/remake fatigue.  However, once in a while a project comes along that peaks collective interest. The upcoming A-Team remake is one such film.

And now, the new A-Team adds two more names to its roster. Jessica Biel (Blade: Trinity, Stealth) will appear as an ex-love interest to Lt. Templeton “Face” Peck, played by Bradley Cooper, while District 9‘s Sharlto Copley will be playing H.M. “Howling Mad” Murdoch. While Biel’s involvement is pretty standard fair (Don’t get me wrong, I like her) it’s Copley’s inclusion that is a great casting choice. While a relative unknown, Copley gained a lot of attention with his performance in District 9 (If you haven’t seen it, what are you waiting for?). I anticipate a brilliant performance after seeing D9.

Rounding out the rest of the team is Liam Neeson as Col. John “Hannibal” Smith and Quinton “Rampage” Jackson as B.A. Baracas. Departing from the campy ’80’s TV series, this iteration of the special forces team wrongfully convicted of a crime, will be of a more serious tone. Who knows, maybe some of the bullets will actually hit their mark this time around. Given that Smokin’ Aces’ Joe Carnahan is directing, there’s probably a very good chance a lot of things are going to get shot up in this movie.

The A-Team is set to hit theaters next June.