Spider-Man on Broadway Still Going Ahead

Spider-Man on Broadway Still Going Ahead

Spider-ManIt looks like after complications with casting, an overblown budget, and a scripting problem with over four proposed villains in the show, the broadway musical Spider-Man: Turn Off the Dark is still going ahead, even though they announced production would stop. Last month, producers stated that they could not continue with the show due to “unexpected cashflow problems”, but now tickets are going on sale at the end of October. What’s the deal?

The show has plenty of star-power behind it, from Julie Taymor (Across The Universe) directing, to Bono and The Edge writing the music, even to Evan Rachel Wood and Alan Cumming being cast as Mary Jane and the Green Goblin, respectively, the producers feel that the show will do well enough financially to go forward. From the NY Times:

A spokesperson told Playbill that tickets would go on sale Oct. 31. After the lead producer, Hello Entertainment, experienced cash-flow problems, modest construction on the musical resumed at the Hilton Theater this month. Last month producers said they expected performances to begin on Feb. 25, with Julie Taymor directing.

With the expected success of this show, on top of the Disney/Marvel merger, you can believe that there is already speculation for two things: Turn Off the Dark will be hitting more mediums than at Broadway stage, and Marvel will be considering musicals for other properties. Can you imagine a Hulk and Shrek battling it out…on Broadway?

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