PS2 Game Catalog Coming to Playstation Network?

logopsnetwork2vv0Sony’s been on our radar a lot recently here at The Flickcast– first with the release of the Playstation 3 Slim and recently with the upcoming PSPGo. Now, G4 brings to our attention a document posted by MCV, stating that the entire Playstation 2 game catalog will soon be available for purchase on the Playstation Network.

The move is no surprise, as the PS3 Slim doesn’t have PS2 backwards compatibility. Making the catalog available would certainly silence some gamer complaints, and maybe even boost PS3 and PS3 Slim sales. However, this change may be frustrating to gamers who have held onto their PS2 games, and might not want to repurchase them. It also could cause a drop in sales on boxed PS2 titles, which are still sold in stores.

We’re sure to find out all the details during the Tokyo Game Show, especially when Sony delivers their keynote speech this Thursday. For now, we’ll keep this on the rumor pile.

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