Heather Locklear Joins 'Melrose Place'

Heather Locklear Joins ‘Melrose Place’

Pop_Crunch_The_CW_17125_heather_locklear_melrose_place_salaryIn 1992, Executive Producer Aaron Spelling’s latest soap-drama Melrose Place was lacking some serious ratings sizzle. Heather Locklear was recruited to play the stiletto heeled, micro-mini wearing maneater, Amanda Woodward. The character stirred things up in the boardroom (at D&D advertising agency) and in the bedroom.

Almost overnight, ratings climbed, and Locklear was credited with a 22% rise in ratings, according to Entertainment Weekly. Originally hired for a guest starring stint, Locklear remained on the show throughout its 7 year run, and her character’s bitchy persona and questionable board-room attire provided fodder for countless water cooler chats.

Later, Locklear appeared on Spin City, Scrubs, and Two and Half Men. All three shows saw a bump in ratings as well (“The Locklear Effect”, so to speak).  Her 2004 series LAX didn’t fare as well, though, and was quickly canceled.

Flash forward 17 years, and the CW network is hoping Locklear can work her magic once again.  The reboot of the original Melrose Place has been floundering in the ratings (1.5 million viewers last night, according to Variety).  The network announced Tuesday that Locklear will be brought onto the show starting November 17, reprising her role as Amanda Woodward, this time at age 47.

That’s a lot of responsibility to shoulder, but after all those years of wearing shoulder pads, perhaps Ms. Locklear can handle it. Find out on The CW, every Tuesday at 9PM/8PM Central.

  • darci
    September 23, 2009 at 6:20 pm

    Hope Heather Locker’s return can save the show….this show has been great so far, and last night’s episode was the best yet. I couldn’t believe it when I read on Perez Hilton that the ratings are taking a big dive which is so stupid because this show is just getting better…so come on people stop being so LAME!

    I was so glad they had Taryn Manning guest star last night – love her! She even pulled a gun on Jonah as they played the Boomkat song “Run Boy” – it was so great. There’s some videos of Taryn and company doing dance rehearsals for the Melrose Place episode floating around on YouTube ( http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Im5HQAO5yM ). Makes me so envious of her dancing…*sigh. Bring Taryn back for more episodes and let’s make Heather a full-time, permanent cast member again!