Brütal Legend Brings You...Demothon!!

Brütal Legend Brings You…Demothon!!

Picture 2We here at The Flickcast can’t wait to play Brütal Legend. While the demo goes live on October 1st, the team at Double Fine Productions is conducting a live video webcast to promote the demo, answer all of your questions about Brütal Legend and give you a taste of life inside Double Fine! Need more details? Here you go.

Tune in to on Thursday, October 1st at 12pm PST for a live broadcast from Double Fine Productions in San Francisco. The webcast will feature interviews and antics with the Double Fine team as well as Live Q&A’s from fans at, awesome giveaways, a message from Tim’s Swine Flu proofed bunker, Spoilers, Live Axe Lessons, and much more.

In the meantime, we’ve got a video for you, straight from Ormagoden, the Cremator of the Sky, the Destroyer of the Ancient world, the Lord of all things Brütal, who has demanded that 666 Million humans download the face meltingly awesome Demo of Brütal Legend or he will give “everyone” Swine Flu. Sounds like we’d better listen!

Brütal Legend hits the shelves on Rocktober 13th. You can check out Ormagoden’s video message of doom and destruction after the jump, and don’t forget to download the demo on XBOX Live and Playstation Network next week.