Sam Rockwell Talks Up 'Iron Man 2'

Sam Rockwell Talks Up ‘Iron Man 2’

samrockwellSam Rockwell was out promoting his new film Gentlemen Broncos so reporters took the time to ask him a few questions…about Iron Man 2 of course. About playing Tony Stark’s competitor, Justin Hammer, in the upcoming film Rockwell said: He’s a rival of Tony’s – they are competitors in the weapons industry. I team up with Mickey Rourke and we decide we want to take him down and take down the Stark legacy. He’s sort of like a cousin of the Charlie’s Angels character I played. The smarmy cousin. But it’s Mickey – he does the fighting and the kicking ass in the film.”

Alright, I know a lot of you read Charlie’s Angels and had a giant collective groan. However, the first Angels film wasn’t that bad (Did I just lose some geek cred by admitting that?) but more specifically Rockwell turned in a great performance. That being the case, I’m really intrigued by what he will do with his character given that Hammer is pretty old in the comic book series and Rockwell…well, isn’t.

He’s one of those actors (much like Iron Man himself, Robert Downey Jr.) that brings something unexpected and fun to the roles he takes on. To really appreciate that, I highly recommend Confessions of a Dangerous Mind. When asked about the film overall Rockwell gave us what we wanted to hear, “It’s a bigger scope. There’s a lot more action and fighting. More characters. It’s bigger and there’s a lot more to get your head around, so it’s a tougher job for [Jon] Favreau and Justin Theroux, who wrote it.”

More action, fighting, and characters?  Sounds like the recipe for a perfect followup to a fantastic film.  Iron Man 2 hits theaters next summer.

  • Bob Starr
    October 3, 2009 at 4:16 am

    Hey Jaime,

    Interestingly enough your comments about Iron Man sum up completely how I feel about The Dark Knight.

  • jaime
    September 30, 2009 at 9:11 pm

    I’m still not in to all this “over hype” on Ironman the first film was good but it’s not this “O’my’GOD” movie that everyone think’s it is and these ASS-HEAD’S puting it side-by-side with the Dark Knight (as the best comic book movie ever) still tick’s me off, it’s a good movie but not even in the top five comic movie’s of all time infact i don’t think it’s in my top 10!