First Look At Jessica Biel in 'The A-Team'

First Look At Jessica Biel in ‘The A-Team’

jessica-biel-the-a-team-smallOver the last few weeks we’ve had the first looks at the The A-Team’s brand new van, the assembled team and Bradley Cooper’s “Faceman” showing his skills with automatic weapons. But until now, there was one other piece of the casting puzzle that was missing: Jesssica Biel’s character. Now, thanks to the fine folks at Geek Tyrant, we’ve got the fist pics of her as well.

As Biel’s character wasn’t in the original series, I’m not as interested to see what she looks like in the movie — other than the more obvious reasons. It was more important to find out how closely the film’s new team, which includes Liam Neeson, Sharlito Copley, “Rampage” Jackson and the aforementioned Bradley Cooper, would stack up to their series originals. Fortunately, they stack up very well.

With all the great pics coming out showing how much director Joe Carnahan seems to be both paying homage and modernizing the look of The A-Team, really only one other question remains about the cast: Does “Rampage” Jackson’s character sport a Mohawk like Mt. T did in the original series? As they say, inquiring minds want to know.

With all the info starting to come out now about the film, its just a matter of time before we find out the truth behind this very important piece of info. My guess right now? He does.

The A-Team hits theaters on June 11, 2010. Check out a larger pic of Biel’s character after the jump.