HBO Orders Second Season of 'Bored to Death'

HBO Orders Second Season of ‘Bored to Death’

Picture 2Coming on of the heels of Monday’s news that Showtime would be ordering a fourth season of their adult comedy Californication, it looks like another cable movie network is having the same success with their newest show Bored to Death.

The series has great potential, bringing together names like Jason Schwartzman, Zach Galifiniakis, and Ted Danson into a noir-like situation comedy about a bored writer who decides to moonlight at a private detective Each week, Schwartzman finds himself in yet another predicament while dodging his pot-smoking boss (Danson) and confiding in his best friend, a scruffy comic book artist (Galifiniakis).

The show has gotten big numbers in ratings since it’s start 4 weeks ago. According to the Hollywood Reporter, the pilot received 4.1 million viewers, not including an extra 500,000 who watched online for free. Following this past week’s episode of Curb Your Enthusiasm in which the cast of Seinfeld made a reunion, the show (which followed) earned 1.1 million viewers, which was an increase from the previous week.

Though the series is only 4 episodes into an 8-episode season, things are already looking up for them. This is the third new series from HBO, following Hung and Eastbound and Down, all of which have been renewed for another season.

  • cathy
    April 13, 2010 at 5:19 pm

    when is the next new episode of Hung to be shown? Please let me know I ‘ve been waiting 🙂