The Flickcast Presents: Horror Review Month

The Flickcast Presents: Horror Review Month

If you’re an astute reader, which we know you are, you’ve probably noticed a few new reviews popping up on The Flickcast over the past few weeks. For the month of October, in addition to our regular film, TV and DVD reviews, we’ll be bringing you lots of reviews of horror films to commemorate the month as well.

We’ll be bringing you a few new Horror Reviews each week, of both new theatrical releases, as well as new films on DVD. We’ll be doing this all month long so be sure to check out each horror review as they hit. Or, you can check out our most current list of reviews at the site by clicking on the link at the top.

Finally, on October 30th (Devil’s Night for those in the “know”), we’ll list all of our reviews and let you know which films to watch to get into the Halloween spirit. So, be sure to check back here frequently for all your horror film review needs.

Happy Halloween!

  • jaime
    October 13, 2009 at 4:31 am

    So happy to see Horror on the ‘Flick cast” good work guy’s.