Want 'World of Goo'? Name Your Price!

Want ‘World of Goo’? Name Your Price!

goo1I like to consider myself a gamer and about six months ago, I downloaded the World of Goo demo moment of boredom. This quirky little computer game had come super recommended to me from many different sources and needless to say, I wasn’t disappointed. This game is amazing. But, being a poor college student, I couldn’t afford to pick up the full version of the game against other games about to be released or playing my monthly World of Warcraft subscription.

However, Kotaku recently pointed out  that from now until October 19th, 2D Boy will be offering World of Goo for whatever you’re willing to pay. The game usually retails for $20, so you could chip in more than that in your appreciation for this awesome little game, or pay as little as a penny.

World of Goo was released one year ago today, and is available for PC, Mac, and Linux.