Psylocke and Carnage Join 'Ultimate Alliance 2'

Psylocke and Carnage Join ‘Ultimate Alliance 2’

Marvel_Ultimate_Alliance_2Fans of the original Marvel Ultimate Alliance will remember the addition of a Heroes Pack and Villains Pack of downloadable content that added eight new characters to the game’s already extensive list of playable Marvel icons. This year’s Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 looks like it won’t be a slouch either with the announcement of two downloadable characters that will be coming to a DLC pack for the game before year’s end.

The X-Men boost their ranks during the Civil War storyline with the addition of Psylocke. Though like some of the X-Men characters like Jean Grey and Gambit featured in the game as she wasn’t around during the actual Civil War story, this psychic ninja comes ready with her acrobatics and psi-blades ready to fight.

Spider-Man fans will be thrilled to see that the Mac Gargan version (or Ultimate version if you check the alternate costume) of Venom won’t be the only symbiotic presence in Marvel Ultimate Alliance 2 as lunatic serial killer Cletus Cassidy joins the roster as Carnage.

It will be interesting to see if the developers are able to integrate Carnage’s insane personality and how characters, especially Spider-Man, would react to him during the game’s cut scenes he would be inserted into.


Psylocke and Carnage in action

Psylocke and Carnage will join the rest of a pack of several characters, both heroes and villains though the total number has not been revealed, as well as some additional simulator missions. Though the date hasn’t been released, it looks like November 5th will be the next announcement of additional characters for the pack.

Check out the video of Psylocke in action below.