Big Apple Comic Con: Photo Recap

wizardworld_2077_84240766This past weekend marked the very first year for Wizard World’s Big Apple Comic Con. Though some may be confused, this show has nothing to do with New York Comic Con, nor the legendary San Diego Comic-Con. This is a new brand established by Wizard, which has been making waves across the country in places like Boston, Anaheim, and Chicago.

This past weekend was quite interesting in terms of turn-out for a first year show. Friday was OK, but Saturday and Sunday had a fair share of fanboys and fangirls roaming the con floor. You can always tell how good a con is by the amount of costumed heroes and heroines, and you can see for yourself after the jump, that they all came out of the woodwork for the show.

There wasn’t much to be said about programming. There were maybe a dozen panels over the three day period, most of which were just Q&A’s with names like Jim Lee, Joe Quesada, or William Shatner. There was also a fair amount of celebrity presence at the show, at least more than other NYC shows. Many names like Michael Hogan of Battlestar Galactica, Miracle Laurie of Dollhouse and even Billy Dee Williams were in attendance, and we even got a few one-on-one interviews with them to bring you later on.

For now, check out a photo recap of this weekend after the jump.

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