Get a Sneak Peek at the Next 'Family Guy'

Get a Sneak Peek at the Next ‘Family Guy’

Picture 2Though we’ll have to wait until November 8th for the next new episode of Family Guy, we here at The Flickcast have got a special sneak peek at the episode, entitled “Brian’s Got a Brand New Bag”.

In the episode, Brian gets into a fender bender with an attractive young woman, falls for her, and goes to her house to retrieve her information. When he gets there, he gets shot down but immediately finds the girl’s mother as interesting. Things pick up from there.

There will be no episode this Sunday or next Sunday due to something called “sports,” but the show will be back with a full season after that, including the second part to the Family Guy Star Wars spoof entitled “Something Something Something Dark Side.”

Check out four new clips of the next episode after the jump, and be sure to keep it here for more on the show!

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