'Smallville' Announces Justice Society Casting

‘Smallville’ Announces Justice Society Casting

justice_society_1Superstar comic writer Geoff Johns is returning to the Smallville set this January, penning an episode which introduces the Justice Society of America to the long-running CW show.

Late last night, IGN revealed who will be playing the three members from the JSA appearing on the show, most of whom are Stargate alums. Hawkman will be played by Michael Shanks (Daniel Jackson of Stargate fame), Brent Stait (Stargate Atlantis) will play Doctor Fate, and newcomer Britt Irvin will play Stargirl.  Johns created Stargirl in the pages of the JSA comic that he helped relaunch with FlashFoward co-creator David Goyer.

Previously, Johns wrote for the show last season, introducing the Legion of Superheroes. Currently, Johns is consulting producer on the Flash movie and is co-writing the screenplay with Jonny Quest writer Dan Mazeau. He’s also a producer on the Adult Swim show Titan Maximum which is brought to us by the guys behind Robot Chicken.

In the comics world, Johns is currently the man behind the Blackest Night event, and is bringing Barry Allen back to the Flash world in Flash: Rebirth.  He was voted Best Comic Book Writer at Spike TV’s Scream Awards, according to his Twitter.

With three episodes in to the ninth season, we’ve already encountered Zod, Metallo, Toyman and Tom Welling and Erica Durance’s Lois and Clark romance. There hasn’t been quite enough of Zod just yet, played by Dead Like Me’s Callum Blue, but I have to say his “Kneel Before Zod!” cry is actually not that cringe-worthy.  Frankly, the show could do with some more of him and his crew of Kryptonian soldiers trying to figure out how to regain their powers.

Answering questions on his Twitter, Johns teased: “Yes, Hawkman will have wings. And a big mace. Oh. And he and Green Arrow don’t get along. At all.”

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    Great but will we get Smallville seasons 11,12?

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