Joe Quesada Talks 'Captain America' At Big Apple Comic Con

Joe Quesada Talks ‘Captain America’ At Big Apple Comic Con

Joe QuesadaMarvel’s chief fanboy, Joe Quesada, was at this year’s Big Apple Comic-Con to talk about what’s going on in the Marvel universe.  With the recent accusation of Marvel by Disney it’s hard to deny the company’s success. So, just how does Marvel continue to compete against DC it’s competitors?  According to Quesada, “The way we differentiate ourselves is by not sucking.”

Yes, you read that correctly. Marvel’s Editor-in-Chief claims “not sucking” is a sound business strategy. Okay, I can’t argue that point. From a business perspective not sucking, or at the very least sucking less then your competition, should be somewhere in the business plan and/or mission statement.

Unfortunately for Quesada, someone at Marvel hasn’t read said business plan.  If they had we, the fans, would not have been forced to endure Ghost Rider, either Fantastic Four film or the trilogy of reboots that was The Punisher, The Punisher and The Punisher: War Zone.  Quesada should probably send out a memo to the staff regarding his suck less initiative just as a reminder.

Marvel film rant aside, Quesada also talked about the upcoming Captain America movie:

“I’ve seen a couple of outlines and an initial screenplay, and it’s going to rock everyone’s socks off,” he said. “It’s very unexpected, the kind of movie it is.” Quesada added that “Captain America” sets up “The Avengers” in “a fantastic way” and also mentioned that there is an undisclosed wish list of actors to play the star-spangled superhero.”

As for that casting comment, my vote is still for Mark Valley (Boston Legal, Fringe). Valley is going to be in the new TV show Human Target (coincidentally based on a comic book) and like Hugh Jackman (Wolverine) and Patrick Stewart (Professor X) before him shares a striking resemblance to his would-be comic book alter ego, Steve Rogers (aka Captain America).  Add to this the fact Valley was a soldier in real life and you get the impression he was born to play this role.  Are you reading this, casting agents?  Hint, hint.

While I’m not the biggest Captain America fan I’m anxious to see how this film unfolds. The character spanned several decades so the story could go in very interesting directions, specifically during World War II.  You don’t get that kind of opportunity in a lot of comic book movies these days so that element of Captain America, if they go there, certainly won’t suck.

Captain America is set to open July 22, 2011.