Marc Guggenheim Leaving 'FlashForward'

Marc Guggenheim Leaving ‘FlashForward’

marc-guggenheimAdd another change of TV show leadership to the list that already includes CBS’s The Good Wife as, according to The Hollywood Reporter, Marc Guggenheim is stepping down as showrunner on ABC’s first season drama FlashForward. Even though the show recently got an order for 9 more episodes (what is known as the “back nine” in TV production) it will be David Goyer taking the helm from here on out.

According to the trade, reasons for Guggenheim’s departure are not clear. But what is clear is that the show, in spite of good ratings for its debut, has since slipped. For adults 18-49 the show had a 4.1 rating at its premiere and dropped to a 3.1 for its fourth episode. Not the way they hope numbers will go.

Initially, Guggenheim had been brought in after the pilot to replace FlashForward‘s co-creator Brannon Braga, who also co-created and ran Star Trek: Enterprise and Threshold, due to his departure to run the latest season of Fox’s 24. Goyer had worked alongside Guggenheim since that point to learn the ropes and will now step up for the next nine episodes.

To be honest, its not that unusual for showrunners to leave shows and go on to something else. It happens. Still, you have to wonder if the ratings had remained consistent, would we even be talking about this at all? My guess, probably not.

FlashForward airs Thursday at 8/7C on ABC.