Brand New Deleted Scene From 'Star Trek'

Brand New Deleted Scene From ‘Star Trek’

nero_eric_bana_star_trekJ.J. Abrams’ Star Trek looks to be getting the royal treatment for it’s upcoming DVD release. They’re rolling out some pretty intense features for both the DVD and Blu-Ray copies of the film, and now they’re helping market the release with a never-before-seen bonus clip from the film.

In the clip, Nero (Eric Bana) is getting interrogated by-wait for it…Klingons! That’s right, Abrams actually shot footage of Klingons for the film, and then never used it, leaving it for us ultra-nerds to watch on DVD. /Film explains the clip:

JJ Abrams shot a sequence for Star Trek reboot featuring a few members of the infamous alien race, the Klingons. The scene featured Nero [Eric Bana] chained to a table being interrogated by the masked, ruffle-headed creatures with Centurion slugs who are looking to find out information on the future. The sequence basically explained what Nero was up to in the missing years. This is one of the deleted scenes in the prison break sequence that has found its way online to promote the upcoming DVD release.

Check out the full clip after the jump, and be sure to set your wallets to “stun” on November 17th for the DVD and Blu-Ray releases to sweep the nation.

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