The Flickcast Presents: What To Watch on Halloween

The Flickcast Presents: What To Watch on Halloween

LeighScreamNot in the mood to throw on a costume and run around from bar to party to candy-giving front door this year? Why not sit at home with a stack of haunting flicks to get your Halloween jollies off, or better yet, hit the theaters IN COSTUME!

Over the past month, we’ve put together quite a compilation of horror reviews for you to pick and choose what to watch during your Halloweekend, and why not start tonight, on All Hallow’s Eve?

Take a look at our list of Horror Reviews below, from things like Zombieland, which you can currently see in the theaters, to movies like Dance of the Dead, which you could run out and grab at any DVD outlet. Put together your favorite scary movie queue from these titles for a guaranteed haunting Halloween marathon!

In Theaters:

Paranormal Activity


The Stepfather

Saw VI

House of the Devil


The Hills Run Red

Trick R’ Treat

Dance of The Dead

Dark Floors

Evil Dead 2

Child’s Play

Friday The 13th

  • jaime
    November 1, 2009 at 2:14 am

    Nice list but Saw 6?