Fox Puts 'Dollhouse' Back In the Box

Fox Puts ‘Dollhouse’ Back In the Box

eliza-dusku-dollhouse-gunThe news spread through the Internets late yesterday that Fox has decided enough is enough and has officially canceled Joss Whedon’s ratings-challenged show Dollhouse. This seems to be the week for cancellations, actually, as ABC also mercifully axed Eastwick and Hank.

Sadly, the cancellation of Dollhouse really should not come as a surprise given the show’s poor ratings performance this season. As others have speculated around The Flickcast offices, we have to wonder if viewers stayed away this season because they didn’t want to get involved with a show they knew was probably going to get canceled. Whedon fans are somewhat gun-shy after the way Fox treated Firefly — although at least the network gave Dollhouse a second season pickup, which Firefly never had.

Still, any time a show with this kind of devoted fan base is canceled, people are going to be upset. Fortunately, it seems Fox will air the whole 13 episodes made for this season, which is something that most other shows never get to do. Although, having watched the de facto series finale “Epitaph One,” I wonder what Joss and company will end up doing to wrap everything up.

Who knows, maybe they won’t completely and we’ll see Echo and the rest of the Dollhouse gang grace the pages of their own comic sometime in the future?

  • Andrew
    November 13, 2009 at 2:10 pm

    Wash your mouth out! No more comic books!

    • Fan
      November 13, 2009 at 8:38 pm

      Joss has said (before the show aired) that this wasn’t a comic book show.