Google Giving Free Wi-Fi For the Holidays

google-logoHere’s one gift that Mac and PC users can both enjoy. Google, everyone’s favorite search giant, announced this week that during the holiday season, it is sponsoring free Wi-Fi at 47 airports around the United States, as well as on every Virgin America flight. This all starts now and ends January 15th.

In addition, Google has set up a way for travelers at each airport to donate to charities Engineers Without Borders, the One Economy Corporation and Climate Savers Computing Initiative while enjoying its generous gift of free Internet access. Google will also match each airports donations up to $250,000 and will also give the most generous airport $15,000 for the charity of its choosing.

Full details, including a list of airports, the contest and the charity drive, can be found at Fortunately, I don’t plan on doing much travelling during the holidays but this is still something that may people will take advantage of. So, no matter if you’re a fan of Google or not, its still a nice thing when you get something for free — especially during the holidays.

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