What You Missed: '30 Rock', 'The Office', 'Community' and More

What You Missed: ’30 Rock’, ‘The Office’, ‘Community’ and More

30_rock_nbc_tv_show_image_tina_fey_alex_baldwin1Sometimes there’s not that much going on in the world of movies, tv, comics, games and all things geek. But sometimes, we also get what some could refer to as “an embarrassment of riches.” We’ve got that second one going for you right here.

Our friends at NBC have just sent us a whole bunch of clips from most of their big comedies that aired this week. Sure, you might have already watched 30 Rock, Community or The Office this week, but if you didn’t, the following clips can at least help you ease some of the pain from the loss of these great shows. I could take the time to explain each clip and walk you thorough what happens but with the sheer volume of material, that could take a long time.

Instead, click through and just enjoy all that these videos have to offer. If you’ve watched these scenes before, this will be a a bit of a nostalgic trip for you. If they’re new to you, then enjoy them and remember to set your DVR for these shows next week.


Greendale vs. City College
Jeff and Annie take on the debate team from City College!

Preview: Environmental Science
Senor Chang and Jeff’s new friendship has its benefits.

Community College Chronicles – Pop Quiz
Episode Two of a new web series by GCC film student Abed Nadir.

Parks and Recreation

Camel – Clip One
Pawnee Inspiration- Leslie inspires Ann to get artistic and Ron reveals his personal tastes

Camel – Pleasure Principle
Ron learns Andy’s comfort zone during a shoeshine.

The Office

Dwight has his own idea of how to track down a killer.

30 Rock

The Problem Solvers
Kenneth turns the new guy into a real actor.

Ask Tina
Tina reveals the four improv capitals of the world and more!

Late Night with Jimmy Fallon

Penn & Teller Interview.