Lionsgate Picks Up 'Solomon Kane'

Lionsgate Picks Up ‘Solomon Kane’

Solomon Kane posterOne of our own Chris Ullrich’s favorite films this year, Solomon Kane, has apparently been acquired for U.S. distribution by Lionsgate, a studio known for supporting genre and independent movies. According to Fangoria, who broke the news, there are rumblings that the film may even get a theatrical run prior to a DVD release.

Horror aficionados might be familiar with director Michael J. Bassett, who previously directed Deathwatch (2002) and Wilderness (2006). Soloman Kane is a character originally created by pulp fiction author Robert E. Howard, of  Conan the Barbarian fame. Stories about the character appeared in Weird Tales magazine in the 1920’s.

James Purefoy stars as the title character, who roams the earth trying to wipe out evil after the devil acquires his soul and he has a change of heart about his evil ways. The movie also stars prolific actor Max Von Sydow (Flash Gordon, Dune, The Tudors). No release date has been given yet but we’ll keep you posted on all the developments.

  • jaime
    November 14, 2009 at 4:35 pm

    OK NOW I PISSED! Why is Lionsgate F-ING up these’s movie’s first “KICK-ASS” now this, just look at “Midnight meat’train” & “Punisher” (war zone) & how they handled those movie’s.