A 'Heroes' Thanksgiving

A ‘Heroes’ Thanksgiving

heroes-poster-1In honor of the fast approaching Thanksgiving holiday, our pals at NBC have sent us some clips from tonight’s episode of Heroes with a Thanksgiving theme to them. Sure, we know this seems like blatant promotion for a show that people are saying is dead, and, well, it is. Still, many of us here at The Flickcast continue to watch Heroes (Chris, I’m talking to you) so this post is for them.

In these new clips, we’re treated to scenes of domestic and family bliss that only happen on a show about people with super powers and the other people who want to kill them once in a great while. Actually, it usually happens around the holidays. Go figure. Anyway, in the first clip, we on the set and hear the cast give some insights into what you can expect on tonight’s episode. They also talk about their own personal Thanksgiving dinners.

There’s also two sneak peeks at the episode. One in which the Bennet family tries to reunite for a friendly dinner, but ends up in a tense encounter when Noah’s girlfriend appears. Awkward. In the other clip, Nathan and Peter struggle to get answers out of their mother to explain the disappearance of Nathan’s body. Good luck with that.

Check out all three clips after the jump. Heroes airs tonight at 8/7C on NBC.

A Heroes Thanksgiving

The cast talks about the big Thanksgiving episode – and then shares thoughts on their own real get-togethers.

A Bennet family Thanksgiving

Noah’s got a few surprises for his Thanksgiving guests.

Like A Family

Nathan and Peter confront their mother over what happened to Nathan’s body.

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