Exclusive: Alex Winter Talks 'Bill & Ted', Directing 'Ben 10: Alien Swarm'

Exclusive: Alex Winter Talks ‘Bill & Ted’, Directing ‘Ben 10: Alien Swarm’

alAs we all, know, there were plenty of 80’s and 90’s film heroes. From Indiana Jones to Marty McFly to Howard the Duck, there was definitely no shortage of strong protagonists for that decade. Which is why it was nice to get two reluctant heroes that really had no idea what was going on, in the forms of Theodore “Ted” Logan and William S. ‘Bill” Preston Esquire.

The two Bill & Ted films not only spoke to a generation, but were also pretty coherent time travel stories. Since 1991’s Bogus Journey, the dynamic duo made a split, Keanu going off to star in a few small films about a computer program, and Alex Winter switching roles to behind the camera, directing such projects as 1993’s Freaked and becoming the go-to director for the Ben 10 live action films.

We got the chance to chat with Winter about directing the Ben 10 films including the newest, Alien Swarm. We spoke about his recent passion for directing kid’s projects, and even where Bill & Ted could be headed in the future. Check out our interview after the jump. Be sure to catch the TV premiere of Ben 10: Alien Swarm on Cartoon Network tonight at 7PM E/P.