Official 'Iron Man 2' Poster Hits the Web

Official ‘Iron Man 2’ Poster Hits the Web

ironman2poster-cropHere it is, your first look at the brand new poster for the upcoming sequel Iron Man 2, courtesy of Yahoo Movies. We don’t need to tell you that this movie is going to rock . . . and rock hard. Still, its nice to finally see some more “official’ stuff coming from the studio and the production.

As you can see from the poster, it features our hero, Iron Man, backed by another familiar “face,” the infamous War Machine. Which, you have to admit, looks pretty awesome.

This film will be released on May 7th so, sadly, we still have some time to wait. After seeing this, and all the rest of the stuff prior to it, I’m sure it’ll be well worth it.

As you know (unless you live in a cave and/or have no access to the Internet), the film stars Robert Downey Jr., Gweneth Paltrow, Don Chealde, Scarlett Johansson, Mickey Rourke, Sam Rockwell, and Jon Favreau.

Check out a much bigger version of the new poster after the jump.


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