First Clips of Alexis Denisof and Summer Glau On 'Dollhouse'

First Clips of Alexis Denisof and Summer Glau On ‘Dollhouse’

Dollhouse_LeftHand-Sc5_0035_fThough there is no word whether or not FOX will air the rest of Dollhouse’s second season, we do still have some things coming up to be excited for. This Friday marks the show’s return after being off the air for nearly two months, and it’s coming back with a bang. Two episodes will air this Friday on the network: “The Public Eye” and “The Left Hand.”

According to IMDb, in the first of the two-parter, Echo is sent to Washington, DC to stop Senator Daniel Perrin (guest Alexis Denisof) before he can expose the Dollhouse’s secrets. Adelle and Topher also travel to the Washington DC Dollhouse where they meet its genius programmer, Bennett Halverson (special guest Summer Glau), a woman with a mysterious past connection to Echo.

Following that episode, in “The Left Hand” Echo and Bennett have a shocking confrontation as Adelle goes head-to-head with the ruthless head of the Washington, D.C. Dollhouse. Meanwhile, Topher sees double when he involves Victor in his espionage plans, and Senator Perrin finds a surprising witness to testify against the Rossum Corporation.

This marks the first time that Denisof has worked with Joss Whedon since Angel went off the air in 2004, and the first time Glau has worked with him since 2005’s Serenity. Check out two exclusive clips from “The Left Hand” after the jump. This is the first we’ll see of both Glau and Denisof, so some spoilers ahead.