Marvel Launches 'Dark Tower: Battle of Jericho Hill'

Marvel Launches ‘Dark Tower: Battle of Jericho Hill’

DT_BattleofJerichoHill_01_CoverIf you happen to be a fan of Stephen King and always wished his works were available in comic book form, you surely have been devouring the adaptations of his Dark Tower series from Marvel comics, written by Robin Furth and Peter David. Now, Marvel has launched another new series based on King’s work, Dark Tower: Battle of Jericho Hill, and we’ve got a preview for that book to share with you today.

Check out all the info from the official press release. Also, be sure to click through to see a preview of several pages from this new comic as well as the cover.

Gilead lies in ruins, the pillars of reality itself begin to crumble and only Roland Deschain can save the world in Dark Tower: The Battle of Jericho Hill #1, on-sale now! The all-star, chart-topping creative team of Peter David, Robin Furth, Jae Lee and Richard Isanove reunite for the newest chapter in what promises to be the boldest Dark Tower graphic fiction series yet! Plus, this issue features a variant cover by superstar artist Brandon Peterson!

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