Religion Discussed In Clip From This Week's 'Community'

Religion Discussed In Clip From This Week’s ‘Community’

NUP_137471_0325Religion is sometimes a touchy subject to discuss in social situations, let alone in something as widely viewed as network TV. This is why most comedy programming vows to stay away from the taboo subject, in order to play nice with the millions of potential viewers. Luckily, NBC’s Community doesn’t seem to care about taboo, and they prove it in this week’s episode.

The mid-season break is coming up after this week, which means there’s even more pressure added to the final Community episode of 2009. The episode, entitled “Comparative Religion”, has Greendale College doing a “Christmas” theme for the last week of final exams. Also, special guest Anthony Michael Hall stops by to harass the gang as the stereotypical school bully.

The show was created by TV funnyman Dan Harmon, who’s other TV credits include Comedy Central’s The Sarah Silverman Program and the rare FOX pilot Heat Vision and Jack. Harmon also worked on several web-shorts including Laser Fart starring Jack Black.

Check out a new clip from “Comparative Religion” after the jump, and be sure to catch Community on NBC this Thursday, December 10 at 8PM/7PM Central.