New 'Red Band' Trailer for 'Youth In Revolt'

New ‘Red Band’ Trailer for ‘Youth In Revolt’

youth-in-revolt-3In case you haven’t noticed, we’ve been bringing you a bunch of information about the upcoming film Youth In Revolt, featuring Michael Cera in a dual role. Now, we’ve got another piece of the puzzle to share with you today, in the form of a brand new ‘Red Band’ trailer for the film.

This trailer first appeared over at Funny or Die where things like this tend to appear sometimes. In the new trailer, we get more info about the story as well as get more “flavor” of the film, including the use of more “colorful” language and perhaps even some sexually suggestive scenes.

Yes, this movie is going to be rated “R” so brace yourself for some adult-oriented hijinks. Check out the trailer after the jump. And remember, by clicking through you certify that you are over eighteen years of age.