Box Office: A Royal Weekend For Disney

Box Office: A Royal Weekend For Disney

Picture 13Overall, it was a pretty quiet weekend at the box office for Hollywood. Invictus and The Princess and the Frog were new releases vying for the top spot, and Disney’s Princess easily won. Princess made about $25 Million on 3400+ screens. ¬†This is good news for fans of hand drawn animation, as this is the first time Disney returned to the method since 2004, when Home on the Range was released.

It’s been all computer generated ever since. I haven’t seen Princess, but people I’ve talked to really liked the look of the movie, and said it looked like the older Disney movies. The Blind Side also continues to impress, and came in at number two with $15.4 Million.

In its fourth week of release, it only dropped 22% from last week. It now has a domestic gross of over $150 Million. With a budget of around $30M, this movie is shaping up to be one of the biggest hits this year.

Invictus made a paltry $9 Million over the weekend. Considering the star power (Matt Damon, Morgan Freeman) and the director (Clint Eastwood), I think everyone expected this movie to perform better. Critical and audience feedback has been positive, so perhaps it will pick up a bit.

The Twilight Saga: New Moon placed fourth, with about $8 Million, bringing its domestic total to over $267 Million. In fifth place, A Christmas Carol only dropped 11% from last weekend, and made about $6.8 Milion. Now in its sixth week of release, the movie continues to perform , but it has not yet recouped its budget of $200 Million.

Holdovers Brothers, 2012, Old Dogs, Armored, and Ninja Assasin rounded out the top ten. Outside of the top ten, Up In The Air also did very well, making $2.4 Million on only 72 screens for an average of $34,000 per screen. The film will roll out more theaters next weekend.