Select Muppets Help You Get Into The Holiday Spirit

muppet-holidaysWe’re in what most fans like to call a “Muppet Lull” right now. Hard to believe, but The Muppets haven’t been in theaters since 1999, when Muppets in Space was panned by critics. Sure, we’ve been given a few TV movies to snack on in the past few years, but they barely hold a candle to the originality of The Great Muppet Caper or Muppets Take Manhattan.

Then, suddenly about six months ago, a few Muppet viral videos started popping up on YouTube, in which the famed Waldorf and Statler would comment on certain “new” and “hip” Internet fads. Those videos became instant hits, and Muppet Studios started putting out more and more.

As of late, on of their more popular videos surfaced in the mainstream, in the form of a “Bohemian Rhapsody” spoof. The video tallied over 20 million views, and the faith in the Muppet generation was immediately revitalized.

Last week, the epic studio released a new holiday song. Carol of the Bells, in Muppet form. Starring some of the fan favorites that aren’t necessarily the A-list characters; Swedish Chef, Animal, and Beaker. Check out the new video below, and if this doesn’t get you into the holiday spirit, nothing will.

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